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The Top Law Schools in America

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There is some dispute about which schools should make up a list of leading law schools. There is a couple of schools that traditionally top the surveys, however whether or not these universities are genuinely worth the expense is quite debatable. For those wishing to pursue a legal career path, however, it is very important to know what these positions mean.

law School 02The 3 Tiers of Law School

Universities that offer a legal education are traditionally grouped into three “tiers” of fifty. The very best schools are in Tier One, followed by those in Tier Two and Tier Three. Traditional wisdom states that the best jobs to go Tier One students, while those in Tier 3 will have the most trouble finding employment. The most competitive bracket is Tier 2, with a variety of public universities competing for eminence with a few of the bigger-name American private colleges.

What Are the Top Law Schools?

As one might anticipate, the Ivy League is exceptionally well represented in the yearly position of leading law schools. Harvard, Stanford, and Yale are near the top of the list. Columbia, the University of Chicago, and Berkeley normally follow not far behind, with schools like Cornell Law School, Duke, and Georgetown bringing up the remainder of the pack. These schools have a tendency to have the best faculty, the most active donors, and a few of the most competitive approval rates. Whether or not these schools are worth the cost, however, is worth questioning.

A Realistic Look

Reasonably speaking, the yearly guide of top law schools is unbelievably manipulated. Specific schools will constantly be in the leading ten, and particular schools will never increase above the second tier. The quality of education at the top-tier schools is not necessarily much better than that in the lower tiers. However, the names bring a certain cache with employers. Unless you want to chase the leading one percent of jobs, though, the top 10 to fifteen law schools might not deserve the rate of admission.

The Top Schools for Your Needslaw School 01

For most of the law students, the highest education value can be found in the lower top tier through the 2nd tier of law schools. The majority of these schools are reasonably priced, have excellent faculty, and can assist a student land a job. While they may not have the name appeal of a Harvard or Stanford, most schools in the second tier also cost just a portion of those schools’ overall price. If you want to get a legal job in a given area, it is better to look for a local school than to look at the annual positions.

A list of the top law schools for one student could not be the same as that for another. The best law school will be one that is budget-friendly for a student’s earnings, yet can still provide a competitive advantage.

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